Wednesday, September 30, 2009

chipper pipper

i love making a good mix tape (well playlist, but you know) and how cute is the paper cut camera. adorable. these made me happy on a day that seemed like the longest day ever.......

Jared Andrew Schorr makes the cutest of things out of paper.
his blog is fun too

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skin and bones

Wendy Mason is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. just loved the quilt like weaved patterns she uses and it reminded me of my dream to make a dress out of feathers.... soon come.

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A Road Divided

Todd Hido is one of my all time favorite photographers. in the entire universe. and thats big.
His new work is up at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery 535 West 24th street, NYC

certainly sticking to his dark and moody feel, these don't do as much for me as the houses series shot at night, but he still rules.... this group sort of feels like roadtrip shot from the car dashboard.

via Conscientious his review = a cold prickly. ouch.


David Burdeny, Canadian photographer started shooting at the age of 12 printing his own black & white prints in a make shift darkroom in his bedroom closet.

He uses unusually long exposures to see that which our eyes can not. Moving beyond the literal, his images have been described as ominous, haunting, beautiful and meditative.

just breathtaking.....

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"Above, Below and What Falls Between" New Work by Jane Hambleton, a local painter in Berkeley California at Michael Rosenthal Gallery 365 Valencia, SF CA 94103

blog title is more for the larger pieces in the show focusing on swimmers and divers however, these color blocks just took my breathe away......some painting, partial parts drawing, and some mixed media in between.

Up until October 24th. see it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

this is what fun looks like

i stole this posts title from the artist. shhhh. Devin Troy Strother
paper cut out bananza. eye treats for sure.
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dont stop get it get it

Todd James aka Reas has launched an exhibition at Colette in Paris.... i just liked it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

truly, wheels when you want them...

unlike zipcar's mantra, bikes are wheels when you want them and for the best price ever, FREE!!! been riding my 10 speed a.k.a. "Lady Lavender" a lot and absolutely never change gears.... maybe laziness, maybe its that eerie sound it makes when i shift, or maybe i like a challenge.
Linus makes super cute bikes that are crazy affordable. Inspired by 50's & 60's french design. fenders are cute, but breaks are essential. i vote for the cream one on tops.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

so what i'm slow....

just learned how to make shapes, change opacity and to multiply in Illustrator. i mean, check the headers, i make em myself ! Chad Hagen's work just blows my little designs right out of the water. just love how simple it is with triangles and squares and the overlapping colors like a silkscreen..... this series is titled Nonsensical Infographics... as described:

"Infographics' level of success is always based on how much and how well they communicate their data—the classic form follows function. In this series, I reversed these roles—form is king and dictates what the infographic communicates. Welcome to the world of fictional visual information."

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peaks and cliffs

Sophia Brueckner's paintings are so cute i want to eat them. she paints to fit her pieces inside little vintage frames. they remind me of swirly peacock feathers and a little bit of Dr Seuss.
check her little bloggy too

yes please!

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when it no longer exists

im always fascinated by art about creatures and monsters....

the artist Brendan Monroe lives & works in Stockholm Sweden and paints in rich earth tones with bold deep reds accenting.

His work is opening at the Richard Heller Gallery in LA on October 17th 2009.

loose change

the lovely Etsy store is an online mecca of amazement. i dont actually spend enough time on this site as i should.... Souther Salazar (whom i've posted about on "so much to say") has now just opened a shop on Etsy selling doodles on napkins, scribbles, crayon drawings, etc. for super cheap!
word on the street is its going fast....... 75 cents for a one of a kind drawing. GENIUS!!!!!
so hurry up & go here

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