Wednesday, October 28, 2009

lets all sleep in a pile....

i came across Pepa Prieto's work and it was certainly inspired by Where The Wild Things Are....
i get it. wearing furry feathery pajamas with a hood with ears is fun! building giant forts rules. must admit tho, i did cry at the end. sucha sucker for goodbyes......

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

straight up cruisin'

i think i have a crush on bikes. these are so slick looking. and rims. i want rims!!!
pink ones please for my lady lavender bike!

although those white tires are pretty bad ass as well.......

Bertelli bikes are one of a kind bikes assembled all by hand. Combos of vintage parts found at flea markets and new items, make these rule. logos. we likes.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Pete Cuba is an illustrator and designer working and living in Chicago. He uses watercolor and ink on plywood for these gorgeous pieces. we likes.

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they're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

ode to jane birkin. shorts skirts and bangs. double yes please.
hello fall!

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Orba Squara is a band that is releasing their new album "The Trouble with Flying" in a few weeks. To celebrate the release of this new album, they decided to take a 10-day journey across the country, play some music, meet new people and along the way, see what they've been missing.
turn up the volume and take an amazing journey with a beautiful combination of music, photography, design and hand drawings.......

i already am best friends with the interwebs, but this was sucha treat today. hearts & stars.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ricky Swallow
is an Australian artist working and living now in Los Angeles, CA. Top image titled "Idol with Handle" from 2007 stands out, although i love some bones and gold balloons too.
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i learned a little about weaving the other day and it was fascinating. looms and levers. seems super intricate to make patterns, but the output is nuts. yeaaaaaaaah kelly!
i play with some weaving on my own, but in such a different sense with felt. these fabric weaves and embroideries are fantastic. reminds me of work my mom did when she was in art school.

Mariska Karasz: The images are from her book Modern Threads: Fashion and Art by Ashley Callahan, Curator, published by the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia. The book was published in conjunction with an exhibit of Mariska Karasz's work.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

welcome, ghosts

Tony Bevilacqua is a painter and print maker from Boston, MA. Above are a series of etchings that caught my attention. If you are in the Boston area, he is putting on a group show NONE MORE BLACK at a Fourth Wall Project.

Featuring New Works by: Tony Bevilacqua, Chad Chesko, Bill Dunlap and Elisabeth Timpone.

Curated by Megan O'Toole from My love for You Blog

OCT 23- NOV 23

Friday, October 16, 2009

kid klimax

Ryan De La Hoz is a talented artist from SF. love the teepees. or are they mountains?
If you are in the Seattle area check out his solo "Residual Energies" at Flatcolor Gallery.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Mike Stilkey, self taught artist from Los Angeles, CA.... uses books, old record sleeves, and anything found to draw or paint on.... thrifty.
now blowing up!!!
check the fun interview by Hurley here.

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oh you dont say.....

Charlie Harper got super famous post death. Ain't it always the same deal.... Most people recognize his work from a super famous coffee table book by Todd Oldham "An Illustrated Life"

For those lucky enough to be in San Francisco, an exhibition of original Harper drawings and paintings recently opened at Altman Siegel Gallery, showing until October 31st. The works on show, many small in scale, are original illustrations he produced for publications including Golden Book of Biology (1961), and The Animal Kingdom (1968), and his lifestyle illustrations for the Ford Times Magazine.

i bow my head Mr Harper. though not around anymore, you immensely inspire me still.

(10.21: just saw the i want to doodle geometric birds all day)